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Taking care of International Registration of your trademark

Did you receive a provisional refusal of granting protection of International Registration of your trademark issued by a national or regional office? We will respond to the provisional refusal!
Response to the provisional refusal in the EU for only 100 EUR*
*specifying the list of goods and services
IP.CARE is an intellectual property protection firm based in the EU (Latvia) that focuses on representing you before EUIPO. We overcome dozens of EUIPO refusals per year.
We also have an extended experience on overcoming the refusals in the EU member states, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and a wide range of other countries.
Answer several simple questions based on information from WIPO notification to get started on rescuing your country designation. Or click here to read more about us.
Have more questions? Contact us at +371 29922129 or [email protected]